If anyone has been visiting this site hoping for a new blog, I apologize.  What happened was that my wife Jane (German) tripped in Harleston Thoroughfare, fell onto a wall and broke her upper right (painting) arm in two places. This has inevitably cut into what I was doing, apart from stopping her work entirely for the time being. She is now mending up nicely, thank you.

I expect some of you are as indignant as I feel about Amazon, which seems to have found a way of evading British taxes. (tho it was very convenient and efficient). I believe that any company or person who is trading in these islands should be obliged to pay the appropriate taxes, and that any cunning manoeuvres by way of evasion should be deemed a priori to be illegal.

Anyhow, for current books there is a site called HIVE (www.hive.com) which networks to British independent bookshops: you can collect an ordered book from a local book-shop free of delivery charge The list of participating bookshops is at http://www.hive.co.uk/store-locator. For out-of-print books I used to use ABE books, but it turns out that Amazon owns this too. So instead, use biblio.co.uk “largest remaining independent book marketplace in the world,” according to their publicity.  More info on the site.  And more anon from me soon.