Part of the Land Marks Exhibition at the Harleston Gallery

The Artist’s Compleynte

My pics look so neat & so sweet on the wall –

But nobody’s buying the buggers at all

Soon they’ll be bundled back into the shed

With the mice and the spiders, as if they were dead

So come all you millionaires, get your art here

You’ll only be paying the froth off your beer




For artists get lonely, and some go insane

” Well they must have been wicked to earn so much pain!”

We need to buy paint, and we need to have fun

But it’s neither of either if we have no mun

So come all you gamblers & take my advice:

As soon as I snuff it they’ll double in price





But thanks to the lovers who saved up their all

To put a fine picture by me on their wall

May they relish their icon, and long may they thrive

And may I make a profit while I’m still alive


  22 August 2011

LAND MARKS Exhibition on show for the last week