Nick Page’s new Album (Addis Through the Looking Glass/ Real World) has been getting great reviews (Times, Financial Times, Guardian, Mirror etc). It’s a driving, powerful set of sounds which really do fuse apparently disparate elements – traditional and popular Ethiopian song, reggae, and experimental music, with stunning singers – everything from the sounding brass to the tinkling cymbal. It has the kind of excitement that Stan Kenton had when I was seventeen. If you like World Music, go out and buy one. If you want to know where Jazz went, this is where.  You can find out about it here:

Click on the Dub Colossus album and you can hear excerpts from the new album:  the same applies to all releases

For those of you with Latin, Nick is my son, not my nephew – just thought I should get that right.

ps Artists Do It For Free is also a new blog. It should have come before Nepotism, but didn’t because of my cack-handedness.  Sorry.