Someone has been looking for Hornsey material, so here are some posters. The feeling in the Honsey Sit-in and after was that images produced were for,  and in a sense by, the community, so they were anonymous, apart from the legend AMHCA (Association of Members of Hornsey College of Art, which implied that the enterprise was a cooperative, and not a top-down institution).

Sadly the maker of the first 3 images, Tony Carey, died not very long after the sit-in. He  was a very quiet student who merged with the background, until after the Sit-In when he emerged as editor of the resistence sheet REVELATIONS. The ‘proper authorities’ had retaken control of Hornsey, and swiftly broke every agreement they had made in negotiating, so the critical attack on their way of running things (or not running them) was scrutinised in this occasional pamphlet (legend “The Beast and the Whore Rule In God’s Name”).

Tony was a learned person even at student age, and had wide interests which included philosophy and film animation. He had been prone to depression before, and one day swallowed some pills. A friend who found him alive got him to hospital, and thinking he was now saved, destroyed the note that he had left, thinking it might be an embarassment for him later. But he died in hospital after a few days, never quite regathering his wits,  so we never knew exactly why he left us. Two more Tony Carey posters will appear here shortly.

By the way , the only David Page straightjacket to be found here is my inability to think outside my mind. If it’s physical bondage you’re after,   as in the case of William Shakespeare, you need another person of the same name.